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Along with Super Wine 2017, the concurrent events include “Shanghai International Wine Challenge”, “Fine Wine Tasting & Selecting—Thousands of Wine Traders’ Conference”, “International Import Wine & Spirits Labeling and Hygienic Standards, Laws and Regulations Seminar ” and numerous “A Bite of Fine Wine—Special Wine Tasting Sessions” , etc. By organizing these activities, focusing on high-end seminars of industry forefront, pragmatic and efficient professional buyer presentations, on-site technical exchange and communication meeting, authoritative experts from different countries to introduce and interpret the related government regulations, etc. , the organizer aims to deliver the latest and most comprehensive industry news and information to all participants. Among them, Shanghai International Wine Challenge, led by China Food Industry Association (Expert Committee on Wine & Cider),Which has invited many international well-known wine experts expert jury to jointly set out Chinese wine value evaluation system, will initiate a new Chinese scoring mechanism and evaluation system in the history of the World Wine Awards. It also marks the birth of a significant evaluation & appraisal mechanism in the field of Chinese Wine .The competition has attracted tens of thousands of world wine producers and chateaus from more than 40 countries and regions to participated in. With strict contest standards and impartial competition mechanism, the competition aims to build international quality wine exchange platform for each participants, in order to seek for selected wines worldwide specially for Chinese consumer tastes as well as promote the development of wine culture in China. 

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