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[News]Caution :The Short-weight Risk of Imported Bulk Wine


In recent years, the imported wine of China especially the bulk wine has increased significantly. According to the statistics, in the first half of 2015, there 75 batches wines were imported from port of Penglai, Shandong province, up 67% from a year earlier, of which the 66 batches of total are bulk wine; the total volume of imported wine is 20,200 tons, up 253% from a year earlier; the total value is 1.5569 million US dollars, up 151% from a year earlier. With the rapid growth of percentage of imported bulk wine in total amount of imported wine, the short-weight bathes of disqualification were increased as well. Since the year of 2014, the Penglai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has checked out 5 batches of short-weight imported bulk wine, the highest rate of short-weight within these 5 batches even reached to 85.9%.
The main reasons for causing short-weight, one is the loose packaging, the another one is that there some oversea suppliers provide the short-weight products or use nonstandard packing boxes to cheat purchasers illegal, in order to reap the maximum profits.
For this situation, the Penglai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds that, the Inspection and Quarantine departments should strengthen the cooperation on supervision with customs and other relevant port departments, using customs electronic metering system to identify quantity and weight one time while transferring the cargos to bonded warehousing; to speed up the customs clearance; to improve quality and the evaluation efficiency of quantity and weight; to establish blacklist system for recording  those suppliers who always provide unqualified products and do business illegal, in order to kindly reminder domestic consignees to choose the excellent reputable partners; and to regulate that domestic importers must explicitly add the terms of quantity and weight inspection and the claims on short-weight when they signing the contracts with oversea suppliers, so that the domestic consignees can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests by legal means.



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