Target Audiences

For sugar, wine and food industry suppliers who wish to directly contact domestic and foreign buyers and reach business cooperation, participating in the Yiwu Food & Drinks Fair 2021 is an effective way to achieve their goals.
The SFDF-Shanghai International Sugar and Liquor Trade Fair provides a unique business opportunity for suppliers in the catering industry to directly contact global target buyers, establish business contacts and improve sales performance.
Major Exhibits
•Chinese famous wine exhibition area: liquor, yellow wine, domestic wine, health wine, winery, etc.
•International famous wine exhibition area: wine, beer, cocktails, fruit wine, brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, sake, agave, etc.
•Bakery exhibition area: bakery ingredients and finished products, bakery equipment, bakery production, bakery packaging solutions, coffee, drinks and light food, home
baking, bakery chain and others.
•Tea exhibition area: tea production companies(including dark tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, green tea, flower and fruit tea, etc.), tea chain management
enterprises, tea import and export companies, tea distribution agents, Advertising gift company, tea companies, tea brewing, tea deep processing enterprises and
tea-related industries, etc.
•Protected geographical indication products exhibition area: Cities and counties in key production areas of well-known geographical indication products at home and
abroad, geographical indication products that already registered in China, famous tourist attractions, associations, certification institutions, research institutions and
related media.
•Food and alcohol drink machinery category exhibition areas: beer and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment, food machinery and
packaging technology, dairy ice cream machinery and technology, etc.
•Wine and food package and service exhibition area: education and training, alcohol investment institutions, e-commerce platform service providers, wholesale
and retail and channel service providers.
Target Audiences
• Related International Organizations and Associations, Foreign Institutions in China, International Trade and Commerce Institutions in China, Sourcing Offices in China of International Buyers, etc;
• Distributor, Agent, Dealer, Import and Export Trader, Manufacturer, Specialty Store, Consumer, Supplier, Nutritionist and Professional, Researcher, Associations and Organizations, Technical Consultant, Pharmacy Store, Supermarket and etc in Wine and Food Industry;
• E-commerce Industry: Website Designers and Buyers, Related Media etc.
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