Exhibition Background

In recent years, with the growth of domestic young consumer groups, the improvement of overall quality of life and the popularization of wine cognition, wine consumption has gradually shifted from business banquets and luxury gifts to personal enjoyment and daily consumption. The data shows that wine sales reached 1.787 billion liters in 2017, and China is one of the most attractive wine markets in the world now. However, the terminal form of the wine has updated in 2018. Under the impact of the new retail concept, there have been wine chain stores, wine-themed social spaces, and wine unmanned vending machines in market. A variety of new retail models impact the wine sales terminal, which enriches the industry’s terminal form, and provides consumers with more access to wine channels. Under the trend of the flatting of distribution channel, more and more wine companies and big businessmen have crossed the middlemen and directed marketing objectives to the terminal. In the future, the main marketing appeal of wine will focus on key words, such as “cost performance”, “quality” and “wine worth buying for consumers”. At present, many foreign wineries and importers have also chosen to directly enter the terminal market in the form of direct-sale and franchise to associate with the end consumers without middlemen. And for this, the organizer of SUPERWINE, Golden Commercial (GOLDENEXPO)is scheduled to hold “Shanghai International New Retail Wine Summit and Direct-Sale & Franchise Investment Exhibition 2019” on May 29-31, 2019 in National Exhibition and Convention Center. It aims at creating opportunity for more wine companies at home and aboard to directly target the terminal sales market, and helping enterprises to obtain first-hand data from consumers, while adjusting product strategies and directions through big data analysis, and control brands in their own hands as well. In the long run, it may have an incalculable impact on the pattern and circulation of the wine market.


As one of the most professional purchasing fairs in Chinese import wine industry, Super Wine has been successfully held tens of editions in Shanghai with an exhibition area of more than 150,000 sqm,which has accumulated hundreds of thousands of first-rank wine suppliers and professional buyers. The previous events have attracted thousands of first-rank wine suppliers and tens of thousands of professional wine buyers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world coming to exhibit thousands of wines and spirits. In this process, the fair has respectively received strongly support and active participation from Shanghai Wine Monopoly Bureau, Shanghai Association For Liquor and Sprits Circulation, Shanghai Drinks Association, Shanghai Import Food Enterprise Association, IFSP, Comité Champagne(CVIC),COGNAC, Mexico Tequila Association, Hong Kong Wine Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce as well as numerous Embassies and Consulates, etc. domestic and overseas GOVs and related industry organizations. Meanwhile, the fair also attracted the attention from international organizations of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, South Africa, United States, Argentina, Portugal and Australia to participate in by National pavilions. More and more international industry associations expect to bring more high quality wine & spirits to China market with the help of this display window and trade platform of Shanghai in order to strive for larger market shares and meet huge consumer’s demands, which can build up a platform for promotion, display and cooperation, as well as provide a better approach of marketing and sales for wine enterprises at home and abroad.

About China Wine Rating System for Global Wine (CWE)

China Rating System for Global Wine (CWE) is Chinese wine evaluating system which established by China National Food Industry Association & China Top Wine Committee (CNFIA) and based on many years research of Chinese consumers and Chinese wine market, considering consumers wine drinking habits and Chinese food cultures, At present, CWE is the only one wine rating system in China. The goal is to help consumers to gain wine knowledge and help producers/importers to better understand Chinese consumers and its wine market. The CWE system has a total score of 10 points. It’s extraordinary for 9.0-10 points and outstanding for 7.0-8.9 points, as well as good for 5.0-6.9 points, which is suitable for daily consumption. However, 5 points or less is not recommended.


Direct-sale display area
Whether it is alcohol club or experience store, or a major brand direct-sale store, it displays store configuration and support in a visual way. And zero-distance experience service can also promote the on-site investment.
International winery area
Gathering hot wine brands at home and abroad, building the platform for entering the local market and creating new business opportunities for direct-Sale and franchise.
Chain franchise service area
Alcohol industry related equipment, professional equipment, investment funds, designers, suppliers, decoration, wine culture communication, wine training institutions, logistics services, warehousing solutions, entrepreneurial consultants, etc.