HWSE 2022
China High-end Wine and Spirits Expo & the Identification of Genuine and Fake Wine and Spirits Activity 2022
Time:May 31-June 02, 2022
Venue:National Exhibition and Convention Center-Hongqiao·Shanghai
Approved by:State Administration for Market Regulation
Hosted by:China Association for Quality China Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Association
Organized by:Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Background

With the increase of disposable income of Chinese People, the demand for high-end wine and spirits has become stronger, and the consumption of high-end wine and spirits has gradually changed from policy consumption to public consumption, the market will usher in a new development opportunity. Relevant data shows that high-end wine and spirits have achieved substantial growth in sales, when families visit relatives and friends as well as participate in banquets in traditional Chinese holidays. Based on the fast development of the stay-at-home economy due to the repeated epidemic situation, the number of orders for high-end wine and spirits has increased significantly, and the order of home delivery has increased by 341% year-on-year. Furthermore, more and more high-end and personalized products have begun to receive widespread attention in the high-end wine and spirits market, especially the middle-class and high-income groups, and thus the quality and brand awareness of high-end wines have also been improved. A large number of wine and spirits enterprises are seeking to transform and continue to make efforts in the high-end market, aiming to create high-end labels to deeply satisfy the needs of different consumers. Meanwhile, in the rapidly growing market for high-end wines and spirits, it is of great significance to ensure product quality, publicize and popularize the knowledge of genuine and fake of wine products, and guide the rational consumption of wines to attract attention from all walks of life. In order to help domestic and foreign high-end wine and spirits enterprises and distributors build efficient cooperation and exchange platforms, assist wine and spirits enterprises in seizing new opportunities, and enhancing the identification of genuine and fake wine and spirits, China High-end Wine and Spirits Expo & the Identification of Genuine and Fake Wine and Spirits Activity 2022, directed by superior department, jointly hosted by China Association for Quality and China Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Association, will be held from May 31 to June 02, 2022 at National Exhibition and Convention Center-Shanghai. The exhibition activities will be divided into three parts: the image of wine and spirits enterprises and the display of high-end wine and spirits, the results of the law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting of the State Administration for Market Regulation, and the on-site acceptance of complaints and reports on 12315 platforms. The organizing committee devotes to provide an exchange platform for more high-end wine and spirits enterprises to find distributors, agents, promote and popularize the knowledge of identification of wine products, and guide the safe and rational consumption as well. Relying on Shanghai’s unique geographical advantages and strong demand from the Chinese consumer market, the show is committed to creating a top influential international industry event for high-end wine and spirits in the Asia-Pacific region.

Concurrent Activities
During the exhibition, there will also be a series of activities such as Opening ceremony, China Wine and Spirits Quality Development Summit, Technical Measures in Trade for China Wine and Spirits Summit, High-end Wine and Spirits Customization and Finance Forum, Special Report for Law Enforcement and Anti-counterfeiting of Wine and Spirits, China-EU Forum on Development and Protection of Geographical Indications, and World Wine Master Class. Combined with forums activities and exhibition, the organizing committee make efforts to assist more enterprises in grasping the current situation of the consumption market as well as developing the annual marketing plan. On basis of the original intention of serving enterprises, the market, and the society, the organizing committee will help more enterprises to overcome difficulties and acquire the market share.

Major Exhibits
•Chinese wine and spirits: liquor, yellow wine, wine, health wine, winery, and aged wine, etc.
•Imported wine: wine, brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, sake and tequila, etc.
•Alcoholic and beverage: beer, cocktails, fruit wine and high-end bottled water, etc.
•Wine anti-counterfeiting technology: application technology of traceability system, label technology equipment and products, etc.

Note: Well-known wine and spirits brands and anti-counterfeiting products enterprises at home and abroad will participate in the exhibition. Each enterprise will introduce consumers and participants to the knowledge of identification and appreciation of various brands of wine and spirits.

Target Audience
Relevant institutions in China or Shanghai, international organizations, local governments, industry associations, as well as manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, agents, distributors, franchised stores, practitioners, consumers, suppliers, purchasers & franchisees, technical consulting, supermarkets, e-commerce and related media in the wine and food industry.

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