Yiwu International Expo Center exhibition hall consisting of five-star hotels and supporting two projects with a total land area of ​​219 acres, a total construction area of ​​29.6 thousand square meters, with a total investment of 1.8 billion. Among them, construction of the main exhibition hall with a total construction area of ​​24 million square meters, can provide international standard booths 5300; with the support of a five-star hotel project with a total construction area of ​​55,593 square meters, provides 337 (sets) rooms. Limited full investment construction project by Zhejiang China Commodities City Group.
Exhibition hall body ground layer 2, a total of 10 standard exhibition hall, an exhibition hall which can be used along with a banquet hall, provided basement parking area and four small halls. Hall complete service facilities, with a large press hall can accommodate 300-500 people, who can arrange a meeting or 3500-4000 while placing a large multi-purpose hall of 400 banquet tables, fast-food restaurant can accommodate 2000 people at a time, there are nearly 20 large and medium meeting rooms, which can park more than 700 cars in the parking lot, as well as bars, cafes, kiosks, and postal services, transport and civil aviation service points. Hall fanned arrangement of a rectangular square around the central hall of the five layers, the middle set off high pass 23.3 meters high hall, unique new layout, magnificent. Hall have adopted an integrated design patterns, transparent and accessible between the Office of the Office, and relatively independent, good fire evacuation function, but also to ensure different exhibitions simultaneously.